Servus Credit Union

Servus Credit Union
Servus Credit Union - overview


Servus Credit Union is a member owned, community-based financial institution that is the second largest credit union in Canada. Servus is unique in that unlike traditional banks, Servus does not have shareholders. Instead, personal banking members are member-owners of the credit union and this in turn, entitles them to share in the annual profits and the option to run for an elected seat on the Board of Directors.

Servus Credit Union - overview
Servus Credit Union - challenge

The Challenge

Digital Pharos, in partnership with Evans Hunt, a Calgary based strategic digital communications agency, were asked to architect and develop a platform that would support a touchscreen experience, on multiple devices, for Servus Credit Union. The primary goal of the project was to promote engagement with Servus clients while showcase the products and services provided in an unique manner.

The touchscreen system roll-out was set to align and support of the opening of a new branch and was attached to a very aggressive timeline.

Servus Credit Union - solution

The Solution


Digital Pharos and Evans Hunt identified early on that success would only be achieved through the two teams working closely together in a series of tightly aligned creative and development sprints. The collaboration process required all teams to be in continuous, open communication, often working from the same desk to bring Evan Hunt creative to life on Digital Pharos touchscreen platform.

Touchscreen Architecture

The designs, as supplied by Evans Hunt, utilized a great deal of rarely seen animation such as animated staff bios that appeared to be interacting with one another, featured video treatments such as round video modals and subtle animations throughout the experience that serve to link the entire experience together.

The technical requirements required that this all be done in 4k resolution and that the experience be adaptable from 85”, 65” and finally a tablet. This combination of both high resolution and functionality posed a unique obstacle around how to format of the content and it’s ultimate delivery to the system. The content would need to render on the different devices and special consideration had to be paid to the manner in which large data files were updated. Digital Pharos have architected a CMS and delivery system to account for a larger roll out of the touchscreen program in a future phase.


With 102 existing locations and more set to open, another major consideration was scalability. The Panorama Hills Branch touchscreen experience was to serve as a pilot project with the end goal of a larger scale roll out of the touchscreen program. Ultimately, the system needed to be designed to support multiple authors of content. As the screens rollout to additional locations content would be divided into corporate content and branch content.

The technology and the platform of the touchscreen program represent one element of scalability, the second is the future scalability of the content. Many of the design features included in the program are designed to scale as new features roll out. One good example of this is the allowance for future integration of the touchscreen with the existing operational platform.

Servus Credit Union - success


The Panorama Hills Grand Opening took place on February 28th, 2018. Digital Pharos and Evans Hunt were successful in delivering a cutting-edge touchscreen experience in roughly a month and a half. Early reports from the client and staff have been overwhelmingly positive.

Data is still being collected so look for an update to this section in the coming months.

Servus Credit Union - success